Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

Stanza – Did you just skim an assigned title and need to actually read the book before the finals now? If you do, Stanza is for you. Stanza gives you access to hundreds of books directly on your iPhone, it’s a must have app if you still want to hang out with your friends or have to run errands and need to read a book on the go.

Voicenote – When your teacher is going over the final exam study guide for the last time, you want to make sure you hear everything he/she mentions, you can’t do that if you are also taking notes. Voicenote allows you to sit back and watch everyone else sweat it out. Record everything you teacher says and take your notes.

Graphing Calculator – Your teacher may not allow you to use your helpful iPhone or iPod Touch during the finals, but it’s a great way to prep for applying those formulas on finals day. Graphing Calculator supports multiple various functions, finds the exact for roots and intersections, and includes a scientific calculator.

iStudiez Pro – All of the study and notetaking apps aren’t going to be helpful if you can’t make it on time to your finals. iStudiez is the perfect app to make sure you make it to your finals and not have to make up some wonderfully clever story about the fake death of a family member. Not only that, this app can help you schedule time to fit in that study time.

Cram – Of course you have something to study, it’s the finals for goodness sake. You need an app that’s going to help you prep for your exam. This app’s name speaks for itself, you Cram all the study material you need for your finals on any subject matter using your iPhone or iPod Touch. Cram helps you study for your exams with flashcards and practice multiple-choice tests. With Cram you can also share tests with friends or download tests that are already made by others sparing you a little time to get some more study time in.

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