Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

In these times when the internet is all pervasive, it is very important that if you are managing a charity you need to consider having an online presence. The internet is a great medium for communicating with both current and prospective donors.

Here are some of the benefits of online fundraising –

1. You can reach out to a global audience. You are not constrained by geographic limitations; you can get in touch with people sympathetic to your cause regardless of where they are located. By getting visitors to sign-up for your website newsletter you keep them informed and interested in what’s happening with your charity.

2. Your website will be your window to the world. Through your website you can inform people about the latest activities of your organization and your success stories. Your site will most often be the first impression a person gets of your fundraising work. A good positive impression could lead to an on-the-spot conversion of a casual visitor to a first-time donor.

3. Your website serves as a central point to launch Fundraising ideas PTA activities; you can have a donations page on the website. You can carry out a mass emailing campaign using your website email address.

4. Having an online presence means that you can build an authentic database of prospective donors by asking them relevant questions. The internet is a great medium for gathering information that can be used for targeted marketing later on.

5. Finally, as a means of communication, the internet is fast and very cheap. You can reach out to a large number of people and what’s more you can carry out real-time conversations so that things move forward that much more quickly. Emails, IMs, VoIP are all applications that you should definitely tap into if you are looking to spread the word about your fundraising activities.

When developing a website for your charity, it is important to remember that the site will serve its purpose only when it attracts traffic. You have to pay attention to online and offline search engine optimization so that you get relevant traffic. When that happens you stand a better chance of converting prospective donors to actual sponsors. SEO activities that you can take up include participating in forums related to your charity; social bookmarking, writing keyword articles, and placing content on article directories. Of course, a lot will also depend upon the web copy on your site and finally your call to action.


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