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A headset that is not connected directly to its original device is called a wireless headset and the device can be a cell phone, a computer, a TV, a laptop or a gaming console. In some states it is forbidden to talk on the phone while driving if you do not have a wireless headset, so these they offer mobility and freedom to do many things at the same time.

Even though the word is used interchangeably with cardboard vr headsets, a headset generally means a combination headphone plus a microphone. The technology that has been used to maintain the wireless devices is infrared or Bluetooth and the latter is more popular today because its only limitation is distance whereas the former is limited by both distance and sight.

In today’s busy world taking time to talk on the phone when you have a hundred million things to do consumes a lot of time, so these headsets enable the user to do other things while talking on the phone. This is especially important in business settings where more and more people are working from home. A good headset will allow you to hear and be heard clearly while performing other tasks in the office or at home. This enhances employee performance, increases user satisfaction, reduces injuries from inattention and makes your company look good.

The headset gives the user the ability to use their hands for other jobs as well as the ability to move from place to place. In the office these devices are invaluable because they increase productivity and the performance of the employees. Their use however is not limited to the office it is put to good use in homes as well and a mother can talk to the office while feeding her baby, two chores that might be necessary at the same time.

For people who are always on the move these devices are an absolute necessity because connecting the headset to their phones gives them the freedom to stay connected while on the move.

Headsets can be categorized based on the method by which they are worn:

1) Over the head – As the name suggests these are headsets that are worn with the aid of a headband over the head with the ear piece fitting over the ears to allow the user to hear the sounds in comfort and with very little strain.

2) Behind the neck – As the name suggests these headsets have a neckband that secures them so that the ear piece and microphone are positioned properly to ensure comfort and flexibility.

3) Over the ear – Similar to the over the head type these are headsets that are very popular with professionals who man call centers. It is placed over the ear putting the ear piece in place ensuring comfort and easy movement.

4) In the ear – Similar to the over ear headsets but as its own name suggests this is a headset that has a cushion around the ear piece to allow it to fit comfortably in the ear. It means that the sound reception is great and it is kept in place by an air ear loop or a head band to maintain comfort. They can be worn for long periods with no discomfort because they are designed to be very light.


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