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To install drywall is easy, but to tape the joints is one task that needs some practice. Drywall taping should only be done by professionals. As far as purchasing the Sacramento Drywall repair is concerned it’s not that difficult to figure out how much drywall is needed because all you need to do is calculate the area of square footage of the walls and the ceilings. This however takes some planning if you don’t want to have too many joints in your drywall.

Drywall comes in a variety of sizes 4 X 8, 4 X 10, 4 X 12 feet, to name a few. The usual technique of installation is with the long sides running from the floor to the roof, but at some places it is fine to place them horizontally if you can save a few joints. In some cases, you can get drywall sheets from some building-material stores having widths of 10-feet or even 12-feet. The thickness of the drywalls is 1/2 inch for walls and 5/8 inch for ceilings, however it is advisable to check the local building code requirements before making any purchases.

After you’ve bought all the other requirements like screws, joint compound, and etc. then you can start the actual installation. With the help of an assistant, you begin cutting and installing the panels onto the walls. First, make a pair of T-squares from 2 X 4s which is about an inch longer than the distance from the floor to the roof. The 2 X 4s are to be nailed about 3 feet long to the ends of each longer 2 X 4s so as to form the Ts. If you find this difficult, you can even rent adjustable T-braces from the hardware stores.
Using a sharp cutting tool cut drywall panels along a straight edge carefully. Flip the panel and cut the paper on the other side. Use sandpaper to smooth the edges. Then start installing the drywall panels. The lesser the number of joints in the drywall panels, the better it is. Make sure to prepare cut-outs for electrical outlets like switches and other fixtures on the wall.

The next step are installing the drywall is the taping. First apply a joint compound on the drywall. It is then followed by stripping of the drywall tape after which you apply two very thin coats of joint compound again to achieve good finishing.

Now that you are done, keep in mind the recommendation of the joint compound manufacturer let the walls dry for at least five days. You can see that with a little bit of practice and a few skills here and there, anyone can install a drywall on the walls of their homes.

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