Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

Firstly – understand the options available

There are options available for you if you want to learn to play the violin. You could either learn how to play the violin from a violin teacher, take a practical and theory course in a reputable music school, or attempt to learn the instrument through online instruction.

Learning the violin online may be convenient for you as you can do so at a convenient time. It may also be cheaper. However you need to be aware of the downside to this. One issue you need to be aware of when choosing to learn the violin online is that you will lack the interaction that a teacher can provide you. Ultimately, the best way of learning the violin is through one on one instruction.

Secondly – pick a good instrument

In learning the proper way to play the violin, you need to choose a good instrument which has been properly set up by a luthier. Your first violin need not be one of investment grade value that is made by a single violin maker. It can be in the affordable price range as long as it plays well and produce good tone.

For your first violin, I would recommend that you go for value rather than investment potential.

Thirdly – have the right mindset

In learning how to play the violin, you need to have the right mindset. Do not give up and get frustrated easily if you find that your progress is slow. The worst thing you can do is to give yourself stress. Once this happens, you unknowingly create a block in your mind that the violin is difficult to learn. So relax and calm down. Have some patience and you will see that you will progress.

As such, I encourage you to go to your local violin shop to select your first violin. Then ask around your acquaintances to get in touch with a dedicated and qualified violin teacher.

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