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A pub crawl can provide you with a fun and exciting time, while showing you the hottest spots to be. If you are thinking of exploring locating the best bars and clubs in your town through a pub crawl, however, you need to know what to wear and what to bring. The following list will help you decide.

What to Wear

    • Comfortable Shoes- Every bar crawl is different. Some may transport you by bus if the bars and clubs Bellingham Bar are not near each other, while others will require you to walk to the various locations, if they are close by. Walking from bar to bar can be tough on your feet, so make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes. Avoid high heels and any type of recently purchased shoes in order to truly enjoy the night.
  • Proper Attire- Clothing is not an option for a pub crawl, no matter how many drinks you have during the night. The type of clothing you wear, however, usually is. Our suggestion would be to avoid clothing that is too expensive or irreplaceable. You don’t want to accidentally spill your drink all over your favourite leather jacket only to find out later the stain won’t come out. Also, if the bar crawl has a theme, have fun with it! Dress up in costume and enjoy your night.

What to Bring

    • Cameras- Capture your greatest moments during the night with a disposable camera. Avoid bringing your digital camera or other expensive technology, however. These might be ruined by accidental spillage or be misplaced during your evening at one of the bars.
    • Money- While most pub crawls make arrangements with bars and clubs to provide you with a few free drinks and food, you are going to want to bring a bit of cash as well to supplement so you can eat, drink, and be merry all night long. Remember to save a bit of cash for the cab ride home as well. Don’t drink and drive.
    • Identification and Information- When you can’t remember where your hotel is at the end of the night, you will be glad you put a piece of paper in your jacket pocket telling you the address and the name of the hotel. Just to be safe, keep a couple of pieces of paper in various locations, such as your jacket pocket, pants pocket, and shoes. Make sure each of these pieces of paper have your name, the location you are staying, and a friend or family member’s contact information. This will keep you safe if an emergency should occur and if you lose your wallet or purse.
  • Friends- While you can easily enjoy a pub crawl in a crowd of strangers, why not make the crawl even more memorable with a group of friends? Gather all of your friends and sign up for the bar crawl together. The more the merrier.

Thinking of exploring your city’s hottest locations with a pub crawl? Use these tips to ensure you are bringing the correct items and wearing the right attire.


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